Lighting Efficacy Improves With 3% to 5% lm/Watt Increases for 90 and 95CRI LUXEON CoBs

Proper lighting is central to the perception and evaluation of goods. It is a critical component of branding, highlighting, and presenting merchandise, and creating a space where shoppers want to visit. CrispWhite Technology has proven to be stable and reliable. Lumileds scientists succeeded in developing the technology so that it would improve color rendering without sacrificing efficacy and they continue to improve this technology in our CoB products.

With CrispWhite Technology, whites appear brighter and sharper – like they do in outdoor lighting conditions – than is possible with standard LEDs. And with 95CRI, color fidelity is as good as it gets. Lumileds LUXEON CoBs with CrispWhite Technology are available with light emitting surfaces (LES) of 6 to 19mm at 3000K and with CRI of 90 or 95.

LUXEON CoB with CrispWhite Technology is available with LESs of 6 to 19mm, 3000K CCT and CRIs of 90 and 95.

3000K, 13mm LES Performance

90 CRI – 2157lm – 102 lm/W

95 CRI – 2144lm – 101 lm/W